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We asked you to let us know how you think the social work profession will evolve during 2018 and what would help you to make a difference to those in need!

How would you like to see the social work profession evolve over the next 12 months?

“I would like the profession to be treated with respect and for practitioners to be taken seriously as professionals” Sandra, London

“The Munro report was exciting for the profession but little has been achieved from the recommendations. As a profession we should revisit the report and ensure we implement her recommendations” Tom, Liverpool

“To continue to put the needs of our service users at the forefront of all decisions and to continue doing what we are doing so that the public at large understand that we, as a profession, care deeply about those who want or need our help” Kathleen, Stranraer

“I’d like to see more investment into effective services to support people with difficulties before they reach crisis point” Trish, Trowbridge

“I would like to see better press and recognition of the good work that is achieved every day” Sarah, Poole

“I would like to see a more co-ordinated approach between health and social care to reduce people staying in hospital whilst trying to find additional help and resources” Sue, Totnes

“I would like to see the inclusion of social workers in policy decisions” Carol, Croydon

“I would like to see more resources available, such as therapy services, without such huge waiting times” Linda, Liverpool

What would enable you to make a difference to the lives of those that you support?

“To be able to offer practical hands-on support to the service users and their families” Tom, Liverpool

“Being able to have more time to spend with people, getting a better understanding of their experiences and the circumstances that led to me being involved, then having the tools, resources and means to meet those unmet needs” Anonymous

“Always respect their wishes, listen with your heart and build trusting relationships. Give them empowerment to improve the skills that they already have” Cristina, Watford

“I’d like to see more rapid access to funding agreements, better use of resourcing and more opportunities for all practitioners to update training” Mesha, Portsmouth

“A wider range of groups for people to attend such as peer support to avoid isolation” Jade, Sunderland

“To see more funding for targeted services such as domestic abuse services” Jessica, Sunderland

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