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If 2019 is the year that you’d like to take the next step into management, then it’s important to make sure that your CV reflects the specific skills that great social work managers require.

Your CV is the first chance to introduce yourself to any potential employer, so it’s vital that it sells your skills and demonstrates why you would make a good choice for the job role. As well as sharing details of your relevant experience, you will need to demonstrate some specific skills which may go hand-in-hand with managerial roles. If this leaves you feeling slightly overwhelmed, then take a look at some of our suggestions below.


Whether you are applying for a social work team manager job role or a Director of Service role, the first thing that any management position will be looking for is clear leadership skills. What is your leadership style, and how has this successfully worked for you?

You’ll need to draw upon your experience of managing and supporting people (either directly, or indirectly). Perhaps you’ve supported your organisation’s NQSWs or maybe you’ve had colleagues directly reporting to you. If so, use your CV to explain how many people you’ve been responsible for and how you’ve handled it.


At the heart of great social work management is effective communication.

As a social work manager, you’ll be the person to responsible for communicating decisions between the Directors of Service and your frontline practitioners, so it’s imperative that you can effectively walk the difficult line between them. You’ll want to show how you can negotiate with senior staff (particularly when dealing with financial issues such as budgets) as well as how you can present to, and influence your reporting team.

From an individual perspective, you will also need to reiterate how you have previously supported fellow colleagues. If you’re applying for a social work team manager job role, you’ll need to be able to support your team effectively so where possible, try to give as many relevant examples as you can.

Change management.

When working in a senior position, you’ll be responsible for implementing new initiatives, so you must show how you have been able to cope with any changing situations. Whether it’s implementing budget cuts, responding to Ofsted recommendations or simply developing new teams, change is always a difficult situation for any social work team. You’ll need to use your CV to demonstrate how you have made any processes and transitions easier to deal with.

You may want to use this as an opportunity to sell yourself by listing how many projects you’ve worked on, how you’ve overcome challenges and provided positive influences on other colleagues. You may also want to show how you’ve adhered to any deadlines or budgets – all of which are key skills which managerial candidates should possess.

Strategic thinking.

Senior managers will always need to consider the wider picture and predict how social work services will continue to evolve. Therefore, your CV would be considerably stronger if you can show any examples of strategic thinking.

Perhaps you’ve implemented a new project, or established a new way of working with a particular client which has had considerable success. Whatever it may be, try to show how you’ve thought of the bigger picture and provide tangible results of any successes to demonstrate its effectiveness.

Decision making.

Finally, any social work manager will be responsible for making a number of difficult decisions on a daily basis. Use your CV as an opportunity to showcase your ability to make tough decisions for the good of the department. Try to show an example of when you had to make a decision in a high pressured environment and what the outcome was.

If you’re ready to take the next step and apply for a service manager job, why not take a look at the latest jobs available with Sanctuary? We offer a wide range of permanent and locum positions across the UK.

If you’d like any advice on how best to prepare your CV, please pick up the phone and give one of our dedicated consultants a call.
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