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Tagged In:  Social Work, Social Worker

In the most recent edition of Sanctuary Social Work News (SSWN), Zoë Betts explores how processes in social work practice can and should be shared amongst fellow colleagues and organisations. 

"I’ve spent some time recently looking at how well processes work within social care and NHS hospitals, with the view of making some improvements to current systems. I’ve had a slight role change and stepped away from frontline practice for a period of time to focus on process improvement and education. 

So what have I learnt in this short space of time? That we are not good at sharing examples of great practices! In fact we’re not that good at sharing bad examples in this area either, but we’re probably considerably better at that aspect of it. 

I have always struggled to understand why this industry doesn’t use generic practices, processes and systems, particularly at a time when our services face huge pressures, cuts and a significant rise in demand. I appreciate local budget constraints, but what is needed is clarity and simplicity; if something works well in one place, how can we share that example of best practice more proactively in order to encourage other organisations to adopt the same way of working? 

The most natural starting point was to look at how other boroughs manage their hospital discharges and see if they had areas that worked particularly well in the admission and assessment process. I could then consider which aspects might work well in our structure too. I’m spending hours searching for good research examples and have been told on many occasions that very few published examples exist. So I’ve reverted to using the old fashioned (and best) form of research – asking people I know. I’m now in the process of building a report with different models to make recommendations for a system of care, hopefully in both a strategic and integrated way."

To find out more about the types of models Zoë herself employs, and how she intends to turn to the power of social media to share good practice using #ourwayofwork, you can read her article in full within the January-March edition of SSWN

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